Our Story


Well, hello there!

Thank you for your interest in Dough Little and we hope that you've had the best experience with us so far. Here's a little story About Us.


I am firstly a Mom to two Little Lovely Lions and secondly the Founder and Creator of Dough Little. I have a PhD in Stem Cell Biology and have always loved of all things crafty, sweet and girly! After living in London for 16 years, we relocated back to Malaysia to serve our beloved country, hoping for a better future for our Little Lions. I have always been passionate about EMPOWERING women and children. Building a better future for our young ones with science, art, creativity and instilling kindness in their little hearts.


My daughter truly loved playing dough. Knowing its endless benefits, I was INSPIRED to create doughs that were safer and kinder to her young skin. So natural that it will also be safe if my younger son decided to have a nibble. I then designed Dough Little Sensory Boxes and Jars that I found so effective in keeping my daughter and her friends sat down during meal times and entertained during travels. They eventually became powerful solutions that other parents started to follow through for their children as well. So, the decision to share my ideas and make my creations available to everyone was an easy choice!


Most importantly, MY HEART is all out for raising awareness in the importance of a screen-free lifestyle, particularly for children in Malaysia.



Love from my Family to Yours,

Mei Mei



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