What are Dough Little playdoughs made of?

Dough Little playdoughs are handcrafted fresh for every child and are made using 100% food materials such as oil, salt, cream of tartar, wheat flour, food colouring and flavouring. 

How long do Dough Little playdoughs last?

Our playdoughs do not contain any chemicals or toxic preservatives. As such, they do have an expiration date. They should last from 3-6 months if care instructions (always provided) are followed. Dough Little playdoughs are best played with fresh upon purchase and squished regularly with clean and dry hands, preferably on a tray.

How can I store my Dough Little playdoughs?

Our playdoughs can be stored in Sensory Boxes or Airtight Jars that they come in, unless stated otherwise. They are best stored in cool and dry places, and away from Mr. Sun. Refrigeration is NOT needed.

Can I revive tired and slightly dried up Dough Little playdoughs?

Absolutely! Just add a few drops of oil (any type will do), squish and add more until your desired consistency bounces back.

What is the best age for my child to be introduced to Dough Little playdoughs?

We would recommend children to get a head start on squishing and kneading Dough Little playdoughs at the age of 1. This will help them greatly in developing their fine motor skills and senses. Parental guidance is required at all times.

Is it okay if my child accidently ingests Dough Little playdoughs?

We take pride in creating natural and safe playdoughs for children as young as 1, as such our playdoughs are truly taste safe and technically edible. However, due to their high salt content, the playdoughs should not be treated as food or ingested in large amounts. Parental supervision should always be provided.

How does one play with Dough Little Boxes?

Dough Little boxes and kits are based on open-ended play concepts, whereby there aren't definitive instructions and expectations while your child is at play. We believe in allowing her to explore each box and create anything that she sees amazing and rational within the given theme (examples: create habitats, food, characters, vehicles etc). Parental guidance and playing together will enhance communication and bonds, in addition to creativity and imagination.

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