Big & Bold Stompers - Alphabets and Numbers

RM 39.90

This Wooden Stamper (we like to call em' STOMPER) set is a great accompaniment for Dough Little Playdoughs. It has been thoughtfully sourced and designed to enhance your Little One's imagination while they learn about their ABC's and brush up on their numeracy skills. 


This set includes:

- 6 Giant Wooden Blocks with Alphabets (A-Z), Numbers (0-9) and Maths Symbols (+, -, x, /, =)

Recommended age: 12 months - 99 years old 

Tiny tips & Care Instructions: Playdoughs are sold separately. Always play on a tray with clean and dry hands. All products should be played under parental supervision at all times. To clean Stompers, soften any hardened playdough by soaking them in tepid water for 1 minute. Gently scrub off any remnants or dirt using a Dough Little Bambino Brush and rinse with water. Leave to dry completely before playing again.

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