Uncle Tristan's Pattern Stamper

RM 32.50

New in! Uncle Tristan popped by with a bag full of amazing stampers for our Little Lions! Get ready to squish, pound and print along with your Dough Little Playdoughs. So one-of-a-kind, you won't find Uncle Tristan's goodies elsewhere!

Each Pattern Stamper is:

- Made with natural and high quality wood

- Exclusively handpainted with non-toxic and eco-friendly paint

- A Linen Cotton drawstring sack to keep your stampers snuggly and safe

- Single Pattern Stampers sold are randomly picked out of the three options

- Suitable for Ages 1+ 

Let us know your Little One's name for us to personalise his/her tool.

Tiny tips: Parental guidance is recommended.

Care instructions: Clean with a Bambino Brush and wipe dry

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